The World Night in Defence of the Starlight

There is Another Way to Light up the Night

April 20, 2010

On April 20, 2007 during the International Starlight Conference, convoked with the support of UNESCO, IAC, IAU, La Palma RB and several other national and international bodies and organizations and multiples, it was agreed to promote the World Night in defence of the Night Sky and the Right to Observe the Stars as a cultural, scientific and environmental humankind heritage.

April 20th has acquired a special meaning. For the first time the defence of the night sky quality and the right to observe the stars have their special date.

The World Night in Defence of the Starlight aims to be a date when every year we remind ourselves of the need to maintain an open window to the observation of the Universe — a date when we can think over the need to preserve a unique heritage that we are hiding more and more every day.

April 20th is the date where the Declaration in Defence of the Night Sky and the Right to Starlight is promoted at all levels: by municipalities, government organizations, NGOs, citizens associations and also individuals.

April 20th should be a moment of creativity to hold activities such as:

  • Appealing to the population to switch-off lights, at least that night, reminding people that it is possible to recover the stars and, at the same time, save energy and fight against climate change.

  • Organizing competitions of artistic expressions related with star observation: drawings, photographs, etc.

  • Sharing an open-door day in astronomical observatories.

  • Offer night sky viewing organized by astronomy amateurs.

  • Promoting exhibitions and media campaigns,

  • conferences and distribution of promotional videos.

  • Presenting books related to astronomy and night sky values.

  • Identifying landscapes and adopting stars.

  • Retelling tales of traditions and music.

  • And, in particular, organizing events in which children can participate. The capacity to recover the right to observe stars is in their hands; it is the right of future generations.