2nd International Symposium for Dark Sky Parks and 2nd International Dark Sky Camp:

Lastovo island, Lastovo Nature Park, Croatia, 14—19 September 2009


  • Night observations at the darkest spot in Europe, (Lastovo is even darker than La Palma, with the exception of the peak at La Palma 2400 m above the sea)
  • Telescopes will reveal 0.5 to 4 magnitude fainter objects in comparison with the majority of amateur observatories in Europe
  • Seeing is considerably better at Lastovo than in most of Europe, so fainter objects are more easily visible with more details
  • Try out a variety of telescopes, among them also the 55 cm
  • The sun is at minimum of activity, so the sky background is about 0.4 magnitude fainter than during the sun’s maximum activity—take advantage now
  • Quality lectures by international experts
  • Splendorous sights of this beautiful nature park
  • Warm, crystal clear sea, also great for swimming and diving
  • Long September nights with 20°C
  • Observing the Milky Way as you may not have seen it before
  • You might see the zodiacal light and gegenschein
  • Under good conditions you might see the reflection of the Milky Way in the sea
  • Combine summer family holidays with astronomy
  • Night swimming in the luminescent plankton (visible only in dark places),
  • Lastovo is famous for clear skies even among the islands and has far better conditions than the often cloudy continent
  • Affordable prices.

Topics of the Symposium:

  • Light pollution as a threat to the professional and amateur astronomy, animals and humans
  • Night sky as cultural and natural heritage
  • How to reduce light pollution in urban areas and how should individuals contribute
  • The role of astronomers, park managers, biologists and environmentalists in establishing dark sky parks
  • Tourism opportunities under dark skies

For whom?

  • Astronomers, biologists, conservationists and their families,
  • Professionals from protected areas,
  • Lighting experts to experience what we are bereft of in most parts of Europe.


  • A visit to Lastovo may cause total excitement if not addiction…

Register now on http://www.darkskyparks.org, call +386 1 477 66 53 or write to darksky@tp-lj.si. We welcome group registrations from astronomical societies.