Dark Skies Are a Universal Resource Traveling Displays:

Education about the importance of our night sky spans culture and language. Inspiring scientific advancement among young and old alike is truly a positive and heart rendering experience. When someone first sees the rings of Saturn or the Apollo 11 landing site it acts as a catalyst to remind us of the importance of astronomy and night sky exploration. The stars have inspired art, architecture, literature, and of course science for centuries. Unfortunately, this inspiration is rapidly being destroyed.

One of the primary factors of our disappearing night sky is improper illumination. However, not only does poor quality lighting and design affect our view of the heavens, but it can also destroy our surrounding environment, waste energy, threaten our safety, and even harm our health. In order to communicate the importance of dark skies and quality outdoor lighting throughout the world, we have created simple downloadable posters for use throughout the world when discussing the importance of dark skies.

The downloadable posters are available in standard paper sizes with high resolution images. They are scaled in such a way that a local print shop can easily expand these posters from homemade displays to more professional poster presentations. The displays are designed to be image rich with few textual additions. This is to ensure their use throughout the world in a language neutral environment. Of course they can be enhanced with someone knowledgeable presenting on the issue or through the companion brochures.

IDA has also produced a number of English language brochures in conjunction with the downloadable posters. These brochures are designed to be printed from home for use in civic presentations, planetarium displays, and other public events. Individuals are welcome to translate the brochures into their native language for distribution; we only ask that they share the translations so that we can upload these to the site as well.

Posters and brochures are available on:

  • Wildlife
  • Energy
  • Safety & Security
  • Human Health
  • Astronomy

Posters are available for download from the IDA Website, under “Events,” then” IYA2009”

Also view the curriculum, presentations, and projects for Wildlife and Astronomy under “Educators/Kids” then “Learning Resources”

365 Days of Astronomy Podcast Date: February 2, 2008